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Photo of winter.

List of times & events

Various times of the day and year. This category also includes significant one-off events as well as events that happen on a regular basis.

A tomorrow sculpture

Tis forTomorrow

Tomorrow is the day after today. The day before today is yesterday.

Tis forTonight

Tonight describes the evening or night of the present day.
Photo of a calendar with week days

Wis forWeek

A week is a time period of seven days. The days in the week all have their own names: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Photo of people at a park on the weekend

Wis forWeekend

The weekend is the two days at the end of the week: Saturday and Sunday. Many people do not work on the weekend, and schools are closed on the weekends.
Photo of a calendar

Yis forYear

A year marks a length of time of approximately 365 days. Each year has four seasons, summer, winter, autumn and spring.