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Photo of winter.

List of times & events

Various times of the day and year. This category also includes significant one-off events as well as events that happen on a regular basis.

Photo of a sunrise

Dis forDawn

Dawn is the name given to the time of low light around sunrise.

Dis forDay

Day might refer to the time when the sun is up, for example, "my cat sleeps all day", or it might mean an entire 24 hour period, usually counted starting from midnight. The opposite of day is night.

Dis forDinner

Dinner is the meal you eat at the end of the day, usually at around 5 or 6 o'clock. Dinner can be anything, but is usually some kind of meat and some vegetables.

Dis forDivorce

Divorce is the legal end of a marriage. When two people decide they don't want to be married any more, they go to court where a judge gives them a divorce.

Dis forDusk

Dusk is the time between sunset and night.
Photo of a girl with a basket of eggs

Eis forEaster

Easter is a celebration that happens once a year, on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. Easter usually falls in March or April. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, although modern familes who aren't practicing Christians will use the event to hold a hunt for chocolate or plain Easter eggs with their children.

Fis forFete

Fete is a French word for party.
Photo of a funeral

Fis forFuneral

A funeral is a ceremony that happens soon after someone dies. Funeral ceremonies vary between different countries and customs.
Halloween is a celebration that takes place on October 31st. On Halloween, children go trick-or-treating, collecting sweets and candy around their neighbourhood. Both adults and children like to dress up in costumes of witches and ghosts, and people also carve Jack-o-lanterns out of pumpkins for Halloween.

Featured Word

Photo of a birthday party.

Bis forBirthday

Your birthday is the anniversary of your birth. Birthdays happen once a year on the same date as you were born. You usually get together with your family and friends on your birthday, and have a party with cake.