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Photo of bent metal

Words that rhyme with -end

List of words that end with a "end " sound

Bis forBefriend

You befriend someone when you make friends with them.
Photo of a bent railway line.

Bis forBend

You bend something when you change it from being straight into a curve. Someone has bent the metal bar in the picture.

Bis forBlend

You blend things together when you mix them so well you cannot tell what went into making the blend. The picture is of a fruit smoothie, which is made by blending lots of different fruits together.
Photo of books and bookends

Bis forBookend

A bookend is a heavy object that is used to keep a line of books from falling over. Bookends usually come in pairs, one at each end of a row of books.
Photo of a laden donkey

Bis forBurdened

Someone is burdened if they are carrying a heavy load or burden. A similar word to burdened is laden.
Photo of a sign that says end

Eis forEnd

The ends of something that is long and narrow are the shortest sides. The end of a journey is the place you are going to. The end of an event is when it finishes. The opposite of end is start or begin. A similar word to end is stop.
Photo of two friends

Fis forFriend

Your friends are people you like, but who generally not your family. The two girls in the picture are friends.
You are frightened when you are afraid of something and you just want to run away or hide from it.
Photo of someone fixing a computer

Mis forMend

Mend is another word for fix or repair.
Photo of the send button on a fax machine

Sis forSend

You send something when you make it go somewhere. You send a parcel by taking it to a post office. You send out your troops by ordering them to go.