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Photo of crutches

Words that rhyme with -uch

List of words that end with a "uch " sound

Cis forClutch

A group of eggs in a nest is called a clutch.
Photo of a boy on crutches ... and a skateboard

Cis forCrutches

Crutches are pieces of wood with padded handles that you use to help you walk. You tuck the ends of the crutches under your arms. People usually use crutches when they have a broken leg or sprained ankle. If you can't walk at all, you will need a wheelchair.
Photo of a windmill and tulips

Dis forDutch

Something is Dutch if it relates to the Netherlands or Holland. Dutch is also the language spoken in the Netherlands.
Photo of a rabbit hutch

His forHutch

A hutch is a cage or coop for small animals. Pet rabbits and guinea pigs are generally kept in hutches.

Mis forMulch

Mulch is a layer of material that you put on the ground around plants. Mulch keeps the soil from drying out, and can help keep it from getting too hot or cold. Mulches can be made from many things, but the most common kinds of mulch are decorative gravels, pebbles, bark, wood chips and leaves. Mulches made from bark or leaves will slowly break down and make the soil better.
Photo of a little girl touching a flower

Tis forTouch

You touch things with your fingers but you can feel something touching you anywhere on your body. When you touch something you can tell if it is hard or soft, rough or smooth.