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Photo of a flame

Words that rhyme with -ame

List of words that end with a "ame " sound

Photo of someone aiming at a target

Ais forAim

You aim something that fires a projectile by pointing it so the projectile will hit a target. You can also aim for a more abstract goal, like you can aim to lose five pounds by Christmas.

Cis forCame

Came is the past tense of come.

Fis forFlame

A flame is a small part of a fire. You typically see a flame burning on a candle or when you light a match.
Photo of picture frames

Fis forFrame

A frame is a rigid structure that is built to go around the edge of something. Picture frames are a pretty way of surrounding a picture. Frames for a building are put in place to mark out where the walls and other structures go, and to support the structure as the spaces are filled in with bricks or other materials.

Gis forGame

A game is something that you do for fun, either on your own or with other people. Most games have a set of rules that tell you how you should play the game.

Jis forJames

James is an English name for boys. James means "supplant." The man in the picture is actor James Dean.

Nis forName

A name is a word, or group of words, that someone or something is known by. Things that are named include people, pets, streets and cities.

Sis forSame

Two things are the same if they are identical in so many ways it is hard to tell them apart. The two girls in the picture are both wearing the same top. Another word for same is similar, and the opposite is different.
Photo of a man in shame

Sis forShame

You feel shame when you know you have done something wrong, and you feel guilty and sad.
Photo of the Suriname flag

Sis forSuriname

Suriname is a country on the northern coast of South America, bordering Guyana and Brazil. The capital of Suriname is Paramaribo.