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Photo of a bow

Words that rhyme with -bow

List of words that end with a "bow " sound

A bow is a weapon that is used to fire arrows at a target. Someone who uses a bow and arrows is called an archer. A bow can be used for hunting animals, target practise for sport, or as a weapon in war.
Photo of a crossbow

Cis forCrossbow

A crossbow is a weapon similar to a bow but much easier to use. Crossbows fire bolts while bows fire arrows. The bow string on a crossbow is pulled back using a small winch or a rod and then held in place by a small catch, while a bow needs a very strong arm to hold the string back continuously until the arrow is fired. Crossbows require less strength and skill to use, and were a very effective weapon before the gun became commonplace.
Photo of a woman's elbow

Eis forElbow

Your elbow is the joint halfway up your arm, so you can bend your arm. If you hit the back of your elbow it feels funny, so people call it your funny bone. Your funny bone is actually just a nerve.
Photo of a gazebo

Gis forGazebo

A gazebo is an outdoor structure, usually octagonal in shape. Gazebos are usually built in parks and gardens. Some are only big enough for one or two people to sit in, others are big enough to be used as an outdoor stage.

Ois forOboe

Oboes are a double reed musical instrument in the woodwind family. Oboes have a very clear sound, and can be heard over other instruments. They have a conical hole through their centre, unlike the flute which has a cylindrical one.
Photo of Paramaribo, Suriname
Paramaribo is the capital of Suriname. It has a population of around 250,000.

Ris forRainbow

Rainbows happen when the sun shines through a very fine spray of water, like rain in the air or the spray from a garden hose or even from a waterfall. The rainbow is colourful because as sunlight travels through the water spray, it splits into a spectrum of colours. All the colours you see in a rainbow are there all the time in normal light, but they are mixed up together so you only see white light. You can also see the colours of the rainbow by shining light through a prism.