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Photo of gifts

Words that rhyme with -ift

List of words that end with a "ift " sound

A boat adrift at sea.

Ais forAdrift

Adrift means something, such as a boat, is lost, abandoned, or floating freely in water without an anchor.
Photo of a drifting leaf

Dis forDrift

Something is drifting if it is being gently carried along by currents in air or water with no particular direction. The leaf in the picture is drifting on a lake.
Photo of a forklift

Fis forForklift

A forklift, also called a lift truck, fork truck or forklift truck is a fairly small truck that has two prongs on the front that are designed to lift things. Forklifts are commonly used for moving large boxes around inside warehouses.
Photo of wrapped gifts

Gis forGift

A gift, or present, is something you give to someone else, usually for a birthday or Christmas. At Christmas time, the gifts are usually put under the Christmas tree. Gifts are usually wrapped up in pretty paper.
Photo of a crane lifting a load

Lis forLift

You lift something when you raise it higher than it was before. The crane in the picture is lifting a heavy load. Lift is also another word for elevator.
Sifting flour.

Sis forSift

Sifting is a cooking technique that makes an ingredient smooth by putting it through a sieve. Flour is sifted to remove any lumps before baking or cooking.