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Photo of a nose.

Words that rhyme with -oze

List of words that end with a "oze " sound

Photo of a closed door
Close means to shut something. Close is the opposite of open.
Photo of a closed door

Cis forClosed

Something is closed if you cannot get into it or through it. The door in the picture is closed. The opposite of closed is open. Another word for closed is shut.

Cis forClothes

Clothes is another plural word for garments. You have one piece of clothing, but two clothes. Clothe is not the singular of clothes.
Photo of a dog dozing

Dis forDoze

You are dozing if you are sleeping lightly, and can be easily woken up.
Photo of ice crystals

Fis forFroze

Froze is the past tense of freeze.
Photo of a sign that says go

Gis forGoes

Goes is the plural of go. For example, "this car goes really well."

His forHose

A hose is a long, thin, hollow object that is used for putting water through. Hoses are usually attached to taps. People use hoses to water their gardens, to fill their swimming pools or to wash their cars. The boy in the picture is holding a blue hose.
Photo of a dog's nose

Nis forNose

Your nose is in the middle of your face. It sticks out. You use your nose to smell things with. Your nose has no bones in it except at the very top, nearest your eyes. Dogs have wet noses, and elephants have very very long noses called trunks. The nose in the picture belongs to a dog.

Pis forPose

Posing is holding a position so that someone can draw, paint or take a photo of you. The woman in the picture is posing so that a group of art students can draw her.
Photo of a rose
Scientific name: genus: rosa
The rose is a flowering plant, often seen in people's front yards. It is very prickly. Rose flowers are generally white, pink, yellow or red. People give each other gifts of bunches of roses if they really like each other.