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Food starting with N

List of stone fruit

Related plants with a single hard seed.

Photo of apricots

Ais forApricot

Scientific name: prunus armeniaca
The apricot is a small, soft, sweet orange fruit closely related to the plum. You can eat the fruit fresh or dried, and apricots can also be made into jam.
Photo of cherries

Cis forCherry

Scientific name: prunus avium
Cherries are a small, red fruit with a single stony seed. The cherry is related to almonds, peaches, plums and apricots. You can eat cherries fresh, or use them cooked in cakes and pies.
Photo of nectarines
Scientific name: prunus persica
A nectarine is simply a type of peach that has smooth skin instead of fuzzy skin.
Photo of peaches

Pis forPeach

Scientific name: prunus persica
Peaches are a large, pale orange fruit related to plums, apricots and cherries. The outside of the peach fruit is covered in fine fuzz, which some people don't like. A fuzzless peach is called a nectarine. Peaches are usually eaten fresh or preserved in jars or tins.
Photo of plums

Pis forPlum

Scientific name: prunus domestica
The plum is a small, dark red fruit related to peaches and cherries. Dried plums are sometimes called prunes. Plums can be eaten raw or used to cook puddings.