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Words starting with W

Words that start with W

Wet walruses waving wildly at Wendy the wallaby in Wallaroo.

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Photo of a waitress

Wis forWaitress

A waiter is a female person who waits on tables in a restaurant, taking orders, serving customer's food and drinks and clearing tables when they are finished.
Photo of a boat's wake
A wake is a mark made on the surface of the water by a fast moving object like a boat. The wake is made by the water being pushed out of the way as the boat passes through, and the size of the wave can be very large for a large, fast-moving boat. Small things like ducks will also leave a wake as they swim across water.

Wis forWalk

When you walk, you don't go very fast. You always have one foot on the ground. People normally walk around unless they are in a hurry, when they run.
Photo of a brick wall.

Wis forWall

A wall is a vertical structure usually made from brick or stone. The sides of houses are called walls. Not all walls are part of a building, some are made as a fence around a garden or field. The main difference between a wall and a fence is usually that the wall is solid and the fence you can see through.
Photo of a wallaby

Wis forWallaby

Scientific name: family: macropodidae
A wallaby is a name given to any small kangaroo. Both wallabies and kangaroos are from Australia. They can survive in very dry climates, and hop along on their back legs using their tail as a balance.
Photo of a wallet

Wis forWallet

A wallet is a small container designed to fit in your pocket. Wallets are used to organise your money, credit cards and identification. Wallets are usually made from leather and are carried by men more than women.
Wallpaper is something you glue onto your walls to make them look nicer. Wallpaper is usually patterned or textured, and you cannot easily get the same effect with paint.
Photo of walnuts

Wis forWalnut

Scientific name: juglans regia
Walnuts are the seeds of a large tree that is also grown for its wood. The most common walnut tree is originally from Iran (Persia). Walnuts can be eaten raw or used in cooking, especially in fruit cakes and sweet desserts.

Wis forWalrus

Scientific name: odobenus rosmarus
A walrus is a large animal that spends most of its time in the sea. They eat clams, sea snails and other animals from the bottom of the sea. They can live to about 50 years old, and a male walrus can grow to weigh between 1,600 and 1,900kg, and get 10-12 feet long. They are distantly related to the seal.