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Words starting with W

Words that start with W

Wet walruses waving wildly at Wendy the wallaby in Wallaroo.

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A couple waltzing.

Wis forWaltz

The waltz is a ballroom dance for two people that involves a lot of stepping and turning.
Photo of a silver wand

Wis forWand

A wand is a kind of ornamental stick that you hold in your hand. Wands can signify power in the same way a sceptre does, or they can be used to channel magic.
Scientific name: tradescantia zebrina
Wandering Jew, also known as spiderworts, is the common name given to several closely related plants commonly kept as houseplants. They come in both purple and plain green forms, and are very easy to grow. They take root easily and form new roots where the plant touches the ground. They can get invasive if they are left alone, and some people and pets like dogs can get allergic reactions to their sap.
Photo of a waning moon

Wis forWane

Something is waning when it is decreasing in size, intensity, strength or power. For example, "his health was waning". The picture is of the waning moon. The opposite of waning is waxing.

Wis forWar

War is a fight at its largest scale, between two or more countries and possibly involving millions of soldiers.
Photo of a wardrob

Wis forWardrobe

A wardrobe is something you keep your clothes in. You hang them on a rail inside your wardrobe with clothes hangers.
Photo of a warehouse
A warehouse is a large building that is used to store goods in before they are shipped out to shops to be sold.
Photo of a warm cat

Wis forWarm

Something is warm if it isn't too hot and it isn't cold either. The cat in the picture is warm and snug in the man's jacket.
Photo of a dog in front of a fire

Wis forWarmth

Warmth is another word for heat. A source of warmth makes you warm.
Photo of a warning sign.

Wis forWarning

A warning is something that tells you not to do something or go somewhere because it is dangerous. Warning signs can be written or in pictures, so that people who read still know there is something to take caution of. Warnings are usually red or yellow.