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Photo of a mouse.

Words that rhyme with -ouse

List of words that end with a "ouse " sound

Bis forBlouse

Blouse is another word for shirt, a garment of clothing that covers a person's torso and arms.
Photo of a goat browsing

Bis forBrowse

An animal is browsing if they are eating leaves above the ground, rather than grazing on grass or plants near the ground. Someone who is just looking at things before they buy them is also browsing.
Photo of a cubby house
A cubby house or wendy house is a small building for children to play in. They are usually built in people's backyards out of wood.
Photo of a doll house
A dollhouse is a house in miniature for dolls or other toys to live in. You can get small furniture to fit in the doll's house too. Dollhouses are a good toy to have if you are a little girl.
Photo of a row house.

His forHouse

A house is a place that people live in. Normally a family lives in a house, but sometimes houses are shared by friends or a couple. When you are talking about your own house, you call it your home.
Photo of the Laos flag

Lis forLaos

Laos is a country in south east Asia. The capital of Laos is Vientiane. People in Laos speak Lao.
A lighthouse is a tower that is built on a dangerous, rocky coastline. A lighthouse has a bright light in the top of it so ships can see it from a long way away. Lighthouses were built so that ships would know not to go too close to a rocky shore, so they didn't crash. Lighthouses were also used to mark the entrance to a harbour so ships could find where they were going at night.

Lis forLouse

A louse is a small insect that lives in the hair, fur or feathers of virtually all animals. Most lice eat dead skin from their host, but some kinds of louse eat their blood too.
Photo of a mouse

Mis forMouse

Scientific name: mus musculus
Mice are very small animals that are often found in houses. They are a pest, and eat stored food. Cats, snakes and many other animals eat mice. Some people keep mice as pets. The plural of mouse is mice.

Sis forSpouse

Spouse is a gender neutral word used to describe someone you are married to or in a long-term relationship with.