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Photo of a mans back

Body parts that start with B

Parts of your body. Not all of these are human parts - people don't have tails and wings but they still qualify as body parts!

Bis forBack

Your back is the part of your body that is behind you, between your bottom and your neck. The bone running down the centre of your back is called your spine.
Photo of a parrots beak

Bis forBeak

A beak, or bill, is the hard mouth parts of a bird. Other animals like turtles that have hard mouths can also be described as having a beak.
Photo of a man with a large beard

Bis forBeard

A beard is the hair that grows on the chin of an adult man or animal. Male goats have beards. The hair that grows on your top lip is called a moustache.
Photo of a woman's stomach

Bis forBelly

Belly or tummy is a slang word for the part of your body where your stomach is.
Photo of a small boy looking at his belly button
Your bellybutton, or navel, is the little dent in the middle of your tummy. When you were born, there was a cord connecting your belly button to your mother.
Photo of a horse with a blaze

Bis forBlaze

A blaze is either a brightly burning fire, or the white mark down the middle of a horse's face.
Photo of a bleeding thumb.

Bis forBlood

Blood is a red liquid that your heart pumps through your entire body. Blood carries all the nutrients that your body needs to live and grow. Normally you can never see your blood as it is inside you, but when you have an accident, cut yourself and bleed you can see your blood. However, not all creatures have red blood. Some marine creatures such as horseshoe crabs and many insects have green blood, which contains the copper-based cyanoglobin rather than the red iron-based haemoglobin.

Bis forBone

Bones are found inside your body. They are very hard. All the bones in your body together are called the skeleton. Doctors can see your bones by taking an xray.
Photo of a model brain

Bis forBrain

Your brain is inside your head, protected by your skull. All creatures that have a skeleton have a brain inside their head. Your brain controls everything that goes on inside your body, like your breathing, digestion and heartbeat. Your brain is what controls how you move your arms and legs to move, and controls talking and thinking.
Photo of a pigeon's breast

Bis forBreast

Breast is another word for your chest, particularly when referring to meat from that part of a bird.