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Photo of flipflops

Types of footwear

Anything that you can wear on your feet.

Photo of a pair of boots

Bis forBoots

Boots are shoes that go higher than your ankle, sometimes even all the way up to your knee or even higher. Boots can either be for working, like the boots in the picture, or just to look good.
Photo of clogs for sale

Cis forClogs

Traditional clogs are wooden shoes usually associated with the Netherlands and surrounding countries. They were worn as protective footwear in industries like mining and in factories. Modern clogs are just slip-on shoes, usually made with wooden soles and a leather upper.
Photo of flipflops
Flip-flops are a kind of shoe that is made up of a sole that is held onto your foot by a strap that goes between your toes.
Photo of some gumboots.

Gis forGumboots

Gumboots, also known as Wellington boots, galoshes or rainboots, are rubber boots made to keep your feet clean and dry when working in wet, messy conditions.
Photo of a child ice skating
Iceskates are a special kind of shoe with a blade underneath them. They are designed so you can slide along ice wearing them.

Mis forMoccasin

A moccasin is a type of shoe made from soft leather. They were originally made and worn by Native American people.
Photo of rollerskates
Rollerskates are special shoes that have wheels on the bottom. Instead of walking in them, you roll along. Rollerskates with the wheels in a single row are called rollerblades or in line skates.
Photo of someone wearing sandals

Sis forSandals

Sandals are a type of shoe that is simply a sole held onto the bottom of your foot by some straps.

Sis forShoe

A shoe is a piece of clothing that is worn on your feet. Shoes come in all different styles. Shoes protect your feet from getting hurt by the hard ground.

Sis forSki

Skis are long flat things you wear on the bottom of your feet to help you slide over snow. Someone who skis is a skier. There are lots of different kinds of skiing, most of which you can see at the Winter Olympics.