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Photo of a watch

Words that rhyme with -otch

List of words that end with a "otch " sound

Bis forBlotch

A blotch is a large, irregular spot on something. The leaf in the picture is blotchy.
A man's crotch.

Cis forCrotch

Your crotch is the place where your legs meet, and can also be called your groin.
Photo of a child playing hopscotch
Hopscotch is a children's jumping game. There are lots of different variations in different countries, but most involve a course drawn on the ground with a stick or on the sidewalk with chalk. Usually a stone or other marker is thrown onto the course to say how far the next person has to jump.

Nis forNotch

A notch is a shallow hole cut into something. Notches are usually V-shaped, but are often square. Notches are often used when building houses or furniture to slot another piece of wood into, for extra strength at a join.
Photo of a bottle of Scotch

Sis forScotch

Scotch is a short name for whiskey made in Scotland. Scotch must be aged in oak barrels.
Photo of some fabric swatches

Sis forSwatch

A swatch is a small piece of something, usually so you can check the color of the swatches against colors in your house. When you have decided which swatch you like, you can buy a larger quantity of it. Swatches usually relate to fabrics.

Wis forWatch

A watch is something you can use to tell the time on. Watches are small and usually have a strap on, so you can wear them around your wrist. Large watches that you hang on the wall are called clocks. It is useful to know the time, so you know when to go to school, or have dinner, or watch your favorite TV show.