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Photo of a chicken.

Words that rhyme with -en

List of words that end with a "en " sound

An animal or plant is barren if it cannot produce offspring. Land is barren if almost nothing can grow in it, and it can't be used as farmland. The opposite of barren is fertile, and a similar word to barren is sterile.
Photo of a group of donkeys
A group of donkeys or mules is called a barren.
Photo of Big Ben

Bis forBig Ben

Big Ben is the clock on the Palace of Westminster in London. It was completed in 1858.
Photo of spilt bitumen

Bis forBitumen

Bitumen is another word for either asphalt or tar, depending on what country you are from. It is used in making roads.

Bis forBroken

Something is broken if it is so badly damaged it can't be used for its original purpose. For example, a chair is broken if a leg has come off and you can't sit on it. The cup in the picture is shattered so badly it no longer holds coffee. Some things that are broken can be fixed, but not all.

Bis forBurden

A burden is a heavy load someone is carrying. A burden may be a physical one, such as the load the man in the picture is carrying, or it may be an emotional burden. You can use burden as a verb too, for example, "he burdened her with his secrets".

Cis forChicken

Scientific name: gallus gallus domesticus
A chicken is a kind of bird that is kept as a source of food. Chickens lay eggs which we can eat, and we can also eat chickens. A female chicken is called a hen, male chickens are called roosters. Hens lay eggs, roosters crow when the sun rises.
Photo of children

Cis forChildren

Children is the plural of child.
Photo of a cloven hoof

Cis forCloven

A cloven hoof is one that is in two pieces. Animals like cows, sheep and goats have cloven hooves.
Photo of copenhagen
Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. It has a population of around 2 million.