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Photo of an armadillo

Words that rhyme with -llo

List of words that end with a "llo " sound

Photo of an armadillo
Scientific name: dasypus novemcinctus
Armadillos are small mammals with a leathery armor shell. They are related to the anteater and sloth. They are native to the Americas. Armadillos are very good at digging. They dig for grubs and insects, and dig themselves dens to live in.
Photo of the underneath of a cat

Bis forBelow

Something is below something else if it is lower down than it, with the other thing above. This photo was taken from below a cat.
Photo of a billowing flag

Bis forBillow

Something is billowing if it is rising up or puffing out in a big surge, usually from the wind. sails and flags are often seen billowing.
Photo of an African buffalo

Bis forBuffalo

Scientific name: syncerus caffer
The African buffalo is a type of large cow. It has a bad temperament and has never been domesticated. There are still large herds of buffalo throughout Africa.

Cis forCello

A cello (with the c pronounced as ch) is a large string instrument that you play with a bow. It is the second largest of the violin family.
Photo of flowing water

Fis forFlow

Something flows if it moves in a smooth, continuous way, like the flow of water down a river.
Photo of a dog following

Fis forFollow

You follow someone when you walk behind them, and go to where they lead you. Something that comes after in time is also said to follow, for example, lunch follows breakfast.
Photo of a gallows

Gis forGallows

A gallows is a structure designed to cause death by hanging. It was typically used to execute criminals. Depending on how far the person being hanged is allowed to fall, death is caused by either strangulation on a short drop, or by having their neck broken on a long drop.
Photo of a glowing toy

Gis forGlow

Something is glowing when it gives off a soft light. The toy in the picture is glowing.

His forHalo

A halo is a ring of light around something. Religious figures and angels are often drawn with a halo around their heads.