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Photo of frost on a post

Words that rhyme with -ost

List of words that end with a "ost " sound

Photo of compost.

Cis forCompost

Compost is vegetable matter, rotted down so it can be used to fertilize and improve soil. You can make your own compost from lawn clippings, newspaper, food scraps and fallen leaves. Compost is best kept slightly moist, and turned regularly to aerate it. Worms in your compost will really help the composting process along, as the worms eat the food scraps and their castings become part of the compost.
Photo of a price tag

Cis forCost

The cost of something is the price you are willing to pay for it.
Photo of a frosty fence post

Fis forFrost

Frost happens when something gets cold enough for water in the air to freeze on it. Frosts usually happen overnight, and in the morning there will be small ice crystals covering everything. Frost can kill many kinds of plants, especially young seedlings.

Lis forLost

Lost is the past tense of lose. If you do not know where you are, you are . If you do not know where something is, it is lost. The people in the picture are lost in the woods. The opposite of lost is found.
Photo of a man tossing a boy

Tis forTossed

Tossed is the past tense of toss.