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Photo of an insect

Words that rhyme with -ect

List of words that end with a "ect " sound

A very poor person

Ais forAbject

Something is abject if it is utterly hopeless and miserable, of the worst order. For example, abject poverty.
Photo of an architect
An architect is someone who designs houses and buildings.

Dis forDefect

A defect is something wrong with something, that stops it from being perfect. A defect in a machine might stop it from working at all. A defect might also be called a flaw or imperfection.

Fis forFlecked

Something is flecked if it has small spots of another color through it. Many different kinds of stone are flecked, and the iris of many people's eyes are flecked.
Something that is noticeably not perfect is described as imperfect.
Photo of someone injecting marinade

Iis forInject

Injecting is a way of forcing a liquid inside something else. Medicines are often injected into people's vein using a syringe. The person in the picture is injecting marinade under the skin of a chicken before cooking it.
Photo of an ant

Iis forInsect

Insects are a very common group of creatures, found all over the world except the sea. Insects all have six legs and antennae on their heads to help them find their way around. Many insects have wings. Insects lay eggs and many start life as a worm-shaped larval stage before growing up into the adult form that you see everywhere. The larval stage of the butterfly, the caterpillar, is the most well-known.

Pis forPerfect

Something that is free of flaws and imperfections and cannot be made better in any way is perfect.

Ris forReflect

Something reflects light if it is shiny enough that the light hits it and bounces back off it. The man in the picture has sunglasses that reflect light.
Photo of a shipwreck

Wis forWrecked

Wrecked is the past tense of wreck.