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Photo of five fingers.

Words that rhyme with -ive

List of words that end with a "ive " sound

Photo of seeds sprouting

Ais forAlive

Something is alive if it is able to grow and reproduce. When something that was alive stops being alive, it is dead.

Ais forArrive

After you travel to your destination and you get there, you have arrived.
Photo of some chives

Cis forChives

Scientific name: allium schoenoprasum
Chives are a member of the onion family. Chives grow in clumps from a bulb under the ground. You can use the leaves cut up on salads or on potato or pasta dishes. You can use the flowers in salads too. Chives are very easy to grow from seed, and they can also grow new chives by digging up a clump and splitting off the smaller side bulbs. There are different varieties of chives, one of the most useful being garlic chives, which have leaves and flowers with a strong garlic flavour.

Dis forDive

Diving is a sport where you jump into the water, usually from a small platform. Some people dive in so they can start swimming faster. Sometimes people have the diving board set up really high so between jumping off and landing in the water they have time to do lots of acrobatic twists and turns. Usually when you dive into the water, you want to make as small a splash as possible.

Dis forDrive

Driving is the word given to controlling a land vehicle, like a car, bus or even a horse-drawn vehicle. To drive something you need to know how to start and stop it, how to steer it, and of course you need to know the road rules to be able to safely drive.

Fis forFive

You can count to five on your fingers on one hand. The number before five is four. The number that comes after five is six.
Photo of a bee hive

His forHive

A beehive is a place a large group of bees lives and makes honey. People make beehives for the bees so it is easier to get the honey out. In the wild, bees make their hives in hollow parts of trees.

Mis forMaldives

The Maldives are a group of islands in the Indian Ocean. The capital of the Maldives is Malé. People who live on the Maldives speak Dhivehi.
Skydiving, also called parachuting or paradropping, is where you jump from a plane and slow your fall as you get closer to the ground by opening your parachute.