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Photo of a pink car.

List of colors

The colors of the rainbow, and a few that aren't in the rainbow to balance things out.

Photo of pastel yarn.

Pis forPastel

Something is pastel if it is a soft, pale color. Pastels are normally used on clothes and bedding for babies.
Photo of a pink car

Pis forPink

Pink is a colour most often seen on flowers. You can make pink by mixing red and white paint. The car in the picture is pink.

Pis forPurple

Purple is the colour of some flowers and fruits. The colour purple can be made by mixing blue and red paint. The flower in the picture is purple.

Ris forRed

Red is a bright colour often seen on fruits and flowers. It is a primary colour, which means red paint can be used to make other colours but you can't use any other colours to make red paint. The flower in the picture is red.

Sis forScarlet

Scarlet is a bright, intense red, tending towards the orange end of the red spectrum not the blue end.

Sis forSepia

Sepia is a pigment made from cuttlefish ink. It can be used to draw or paint with. Anything that looks like it is made from sepia ink is also called sepia, for example a photograph that has been made into monochrome in browns.
Photo of silver jewelery

Sis forSilver

Scientific name: Ag
Silver is a soft, shiny metal that can be polished to be highly reflective. It tarnishes easily, however. Silver is very conductive and today is used electrical components. Silver is widely used for making jewellery, and was used for making tableware like knives and fork. As pure silver is so soft, most practical items made from silver are made from an alloy of silver and another metal like copper.
Photo of a boy with a rainbow on his face

Sis forSpectrum

A spectrum is the range of colors of light that we can see, in order. The order of colors is seen in a rainbow. A spectrum can also be used to describe a range of related things, such as a "spectrum of religious beliefs".
Photo of a tan leather watch strap

Tis forTan

Tan is a shade of reddish-brown.

Tis forTeal

Teal is a shade of greenish-blue.