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Photo of icecream.

Words that rhyme with -eem

List of words that end with a "eem " sound

Photo of a man walking along a steel beam

Bis forBeam

A beam is a long piece of wood or metal that is part of the support for a large structure like a building. Beams are laid horizontally and are supported by posts.

Bis forBream

Scientific name: abramis brama
Bream are freshwater fish found in lakes and slow-moving rivers in Europe. They are caught for food.

Cis forCream

Cream is a fatty part of milk that floats to the top of fresh milk. Cream is thick and white or slightly yellow and is delicious on fruit, hot drinks, pancakes and many desserts. Cream is also the name for a yellowish-white color.

Dis forDream

When you are asleep, sometimes you dream. Dreams are a little like a movie that plays in your head while you sleep. Sometimes dreams are very ordinary, sometimes they are exciting, and sometimes they are scary. Scary dreams are called nightmares. Often things happen in dreams that aren't possible in real life.
Photo of an icecream

Iis forIcecream

Ice cream is a dessert made from frozen milk or cream. Icecream is usually flavoured with sugar, vanilla, fruit or chocolate. Icecream is made by freezing the milk or cream slowly and stirring it frequently so it stays smooth. If you don't stir it, it will be full of crunchy ice crystals and will not be as nice. Icecream is sometimes served in a cone.

Sis forScream

A scream is a loud, sharp noise that people make when they are suddenly scared or hurt. People sometimes scream in excitement too.

Sis forSeam

A seam is a long line of stitches that holds two pieces of fabric together. You can easily see seams down the sides of a garment like jeans.

Sis forSteam

Steam is made when water boils. Steam that you see coming out of a kettle isn't actually a gas, it is a mist of water made as the invisible, gaseous water condenses in the air to form tiny droplets. This is the same process that makes clouds.
Photo of a stream

Sis forStream

A stream is a kind of small river. Another word for stream is a creek.

Tis forTeam

A team is a group of people or animals working together to achieve a common goal. When sports are played, they are often played in teams. Members of a team often wear the same uniform so you can see which team they belong to.