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Words starting with E

Words that start with E

Eight echidnas eat eggs in an elevator.

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Photo of an eye

Eis forEye

You have two eyes on your face, just above your nose. You use your eyes to see things. You close your eyes when you are asleep. The eye in the photo is brown.
Photo of an eyebrow

Eis forEyebrow

You have two eyebrows, one above each eye. An eyebrow is a strip of hair between your forehead and your eye socket. Eyebrows help to stop sweat running from your forehead into your eyes.
Photo of a man giving a furtive look

Eis forEyed

Eyed is the past tense of eye, but it means you were looking at someone or something. For example, "He eyed off the cakes on the counter".
Photo of eyelashes

Eis forEyelash

Your eyelashes are hairs that grow on the edges of your eyelids. Eyelashes protect your eyes, by stopping dirt and dust from getting in your eyes.
Photo of an eyelid

Eis forEyelid

Eyelids are pieces of skin that cover your eyes. When you close your eyelids, you can't see anything. The edges of your eyelids have hairs growing on them called eyelashes.

Eis forEyeliner

Eyeliner is a decoration for your eyes. You draw it on in a thin line around the edges of your eyes.
Photo of an eye

Eis forEyes

Eyes is the plural of eye.
Photo of eyeshadow
Eyeshadow is coloring that you put around your eyes, particularly on your upper eyelid.