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Photo of a quilt

Words that rhyme with -ilt

List of words that end with a "ilt " sound

Photo of an unfinished building

Bis forBuilt

Built is the past tense of build. For example, "I built a house".
Photo of a gilt statue

Gis forGilt

Something is gilded if it has been covered in a thin layer of gold.
Photo of some sword hilts

His forHilt

The hilt or haft of a sword is its handle. Some sword hilts are quite elaborate, and have a guard between the hilt and blade to protect the user's hands from damage.
Photo of a man wearing a kilt

Kis forKilt

A kilt is a traditional Scottish garment for men and boys. It is made from woolen, tartan fabric. It is knee-length, and worn like a skirt.

Qis forQuilt

A quilt is a kind of blanket that is made from layers of fabric stitched together. The top layer is made from scraps of fabric made into patterns or a picture. Quilts used to be a good way to use up leftover bits of fabric, but in modern times people make quilts as a hobby using new fabric in the colors that they want.
Photo of silt on a road

Sis forSilt

Silt is very fine particles of dirt or soil that is carried along by water. Silt will eventually settle to the bottom of the water it is in, or like in the picture it gets washed up by water and then left behind when the water recedes.

Sis forSpilt

Spilt, also spelled spilled, is the past tense of spill.
Photo of a man wearing stilts

Sis forStilts

Stilts are long posts you wear on your legs that make you taller. You can get lots of different types of stilts. There are ones that are very long that you have to hold onto with your hands and there are little steps for your feet. There are ones like in the picture that strap to your legs so your hands are free. And you can make your own by putting loops of string through large cans so you can hold the ends of the string, and then you stand on the cans.
Photo of a woman tilting her head

Tis forTilt

You tilt something when you make it lean slightly to one side or another. The woman in the photo is tilting her head to one side.
Photo of a vase of wilted flowers

Wis forWilt

Wilting is the process by which something becomes wilted.