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Photo of someone knitting.

Words that rhyme with -it

List of words that end with a "it " sound

Photo of an armpit

Ais forArmpit

Your armpits are under your arms. When you put your arm up into the air they are easily seen as a dent under your arm. Adult men and women grow hair in their armpits, but women usually shave it off. Armpits can get very smelly so people often use deodorant on their armpits.
Photo of a tray of scones

Bis forBiscuit

In some countries, a biscuit is another word for cookie. And in some countries, it is another word for a scone.
Photo of a horses bit

Bis forBit

A bit is the part of the horse's harness that goes inside its mouth. The bit is held in place by the bridle, and reins are attached to either side of the bit. The combination of all three is used by the rider to help control the horse.
Photo of an exit sign

Eis forExit

An exit is the way out of somewhere, or the way to leave. An exit might be a place or something you do, for example "he exited the room". The opposite of an exit is an entrance.
Photo of a bird flitting

Fis forFlit

Flitting means to move quickly from one place to another, the way a small bird flits between branches.
Photo of a granite outcrop

Gis forGranite

Granite is a common, very hard rock that is widely used for building things. It is formed from molten rock (magma) as it cools. Granite has a coarse, crystalline structure and is a mix of many different minerals. Because its composition can vary so much, granite can be found in a huge variety of different colors.
Cheese grits.

Gis forGrits

Grits are coarsely ground corn kernels boiled with water, milk, or cheese.

His forHit

You hit something when you connect with it, hard. Some examples are hitting a nail with a hammer, hitting a ball with a bat or hitting a target with an arrow.
A fox kit.

Kis forKit

Kit is a word used to describe a baby fox, beaver, ferret or other mammal that is covered in fur.
Photo of someone knitting

Kis forKnit

Knitting is a way to turn thread or yarn into cloth. Knitting consists of loops called stitches pulled through each other. The active stitches are held on a knitting needle until another loop can be passed through them.