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Photo of grapes.

Words that rhyme with -ape

List of words that end with a "ape " sound

Photo of an ape

Ais forApe

Apes are creatures closely related to humans. Unlike monkeys, apes have no tails. Apes include gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans.

Cis forCape

A cape is similar to a cloak, being a garment with no sleeves that flows down from around your neck, with a clasp at the front of the neck to keep it closed.
Photo of crepes

Cis forCrepe

A crêpe is a very thin pancake. Crêpes can be served with sweet or savory fillings, as a main meal, a dessert or a snack. Crêpes are originally from France.
Photo of a draped cloth

Dis forDrape

You drape some fabric when you arrange it over something else so that it hangs in nice looking folds. See also drapes (curtains).

Dis forDrapes

Drapes (or curtains) are pieces of cloth hung on the inside of a window. People have drapes to keep light out so they can sleep, or to stop other people from looking in.
Photo of a roll of duct tape
Duct tape, also called duck tape, is a type of cloth-backed tape that is often coated with plastic on the non-sticky side. Duct tape is extremely strong and sticky, and can be used to repair a huge variety of things. Some people make things like clothing out of duct tape.
Photo of a cat escaping

Eis forEscape

You escape from something when you break away from it, or out of it. People and animals most often try and escape captivity. The cat in the picture is escaping from inside a house.
Photo of grapes.

Gis forGrapes

Scientific name: vitis vinifera
Grapes are the fruit of the grape vine. Grapes can be black, blue, yellow, red or green. Grapes can be eaten raw, dried into sultanas, made into jam or made into wine. Grapes grow on the vine in bunches.
Photo of a landscape painting
A landscape is a wide view of scenery that is generally farmland or wilderness, not a cityscape. Paintings of landscapes are generally done with the paper or canvas wider than it is tall, which has given rise to the name landscape for any paper in the same format. The opposite of landscape is portrait.
Photo of a measuring tape
A measuring tape, or tape measure, is a flexible piece of tape that can be used to find out how big something is. Because you can bend it, you can measure things that are curved, like around your waist or around your head. You can't measure curves with something hard like a ruler.