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Photo of a vulture.

Words that rhyme with -ure

List of words that end with a "ure " sound

Bis forBrochure

A brochure is a small book, usually full of pictures and text designed to sell a product or service.
Photo of a strange creature

Cis forCreature

A creature is any kind of living thing, but usually means an animal and one that isn't human.
Photo of a detour sign

Dis forDetour

A detour is a path taken that goes out of the way of your usual path. Detours are usually set up when there is some obstacle and there needs to be a way around it. Used as a verb, it simply means you are taking a detour, for example "I am going to detour past the shops on my way home".
Photo of an x-ray of a cat

Fis forFracture

A fracture is a break in a bone or other hard part of the body. The picture is an x-ray of a cat who has a fractured leg.
Furniture is the name collectively used for items like tables, chairs, beds etc that you find inside your house. Furniture is generally something that you use, but some pieces of furniture are there only for decoration.
Photo of a pile of manure

Mis forManure

Manure is any organic matter used for improving the soil. It can be pure animal dung (usually from farm animals), animal dung mixed with straw bedding, or pure vegetable matter. Manure can be spread straight onto the fields where it is needed, or rotted down first into compost before being used.

Mis forMature

Something is mature if it has fully reached adulthood. A fruit or nut is said to be mature if it is fully ripe. Other foods like wine and cheese where you need to wait a long time for the flavor to change are said to be mature when they are ready to eat or drink.
Photo of a lampost obscured by clouds

Ois forObscure

Something is obscure if it is unclear or uncertain. Something obscured cannot easily be seen or understood. The lamp post in the picture is obscured from view.
Photo of a pure white rose

Pis forPure

Something is pure if it is made up of all the one kind of thing, with nothing different. Something pure has no contaminations or anything added. The rose in the picture is pure white.
Photo of a signed note
A signature is a special way of writing your name that is unique to you. People usually sign legal agreements, letters and if they are famous they will also sign their autograph.