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Photo of poppies

Words that rhyme with -pee

List of words that end with a "pee " sound

Photo of chickpeas

Cis forChickpea

Scientific name: cicer arietinum
The chickpea, also called garbanzo bean or Indian pea, is a legume that is widely used in the Middle East and India. Chickpeas can be soaked overnight and cooked whole, and eaten plain, in a salad, or as part of a stew or curry. They can also be ground into flour and used for baking. They are the main ingredient of falafels and hummus.
Photo of a rabbit with floppy ears

Fis forFloppy

Something is floppy if it is soft and bendy and falls down easily. The rabbit in the picture has floppy ears.
Photo of a happy man

His forHappy

When you are happy, you feel good and smile a lot. Being happy is the nicest way to be. People are happy when things go the way they want, when people are nice to them or when they are having fun. The person in the picture is happy.
Photo of a kelpie dog

Kis forKelpie

The Australian kelpie is a medium sized dog that was bred to herd animals like sheep, cows and goats. Kelpies come in a range of colours but the most familiar one is a reddish-brown coat. Kelpies are very energetic and are only suitable to be kept as pets by people who have a lot of time and space to exercise them. Bored kelpies can be noisy and destructive.
Mississippi, abbreviated to MS, is a state in the south of the United States of America. The capital of Mississippi is Jackson. The Mississippi is also a river in the United States of America, which forms the western border of the state of Mississippi.
Photo of peas

Pis forPea

Scientific name: pisum sativum
The pea is the seed of the pea plant. It is eaten for food. With most kinds of pea, you remove the case the peas come in (the pod) before you eat them. Peas are in the same family as beans.
Photo of poppies

Pis forPoppy

Scientific name: family: papaveraceae
Poppies are small flowers that are grown mainly because they look pretty. The most well-known poppy is the opium poppy, which is grown for its seeds that are often found on top of bread rolls, and because it contains a substance that can be used to make a very powerful painkiller. Most poppies will grow in very cold climates. Some kinds of poppies grow almost in arctic conditions, and are one of the most northerly growing plants in the world.
Photo of puppies.

Pis forPuppy

A puppy, or pup, is a baby dog or wolf. Dogs are generally called puppies until they are a year old. When a mother dog has puppies, there are usually about six of them born at once.
Photo of a teepee

Tis forTeepee

Teepees are a style of tents made by native Americans. They were usually made from wooden poles, wrapped in decorated animal skins.