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Verbs that start with F

Verbs that start with F

Verbs are things you do. Action words!
Photo of a faded sign

Fis forFade

Fading is the process by which something becomes faded. Something fades as it loses color, or loses light and becomes dim.
Photo of a man falling off a building

Fis forFall

Something is falling if it is moving from a higher place to a lower one. Many things can fall, for example during hot weather the water level of a lake can fall. Prices of fruit for sale can fall. When you drop something, it falls. The stunt man in the picture is falling off a building. Fall is also another name for autumn.
Photo of a girl feeding a goat

Fis forFeed

You feed someone or something when you give them food. The girl in the picture is feeding a goat. You do not need to feed someone else, you can feed yourself too.
Fiddling is a word for making a lot of small, repetitive movements, usually with another object. For example, "stop fiddling with your hair" or "if you fiddle with the aerial enough the TV should work". A similar word to fiddle is twiddle.

Fis forFight

When two or more people or animals get angry with each other, sometimes they will fight, and try and hurt each other with words or their fists. Sometimes people fight for money, as in a boxing match or street fighting. Animals often fight with each other over food, nesting space, or at breeding season. You can also use fight as a noun, as in "those people are having a fight".
Photo of files
A file is a collection of related pieces of paperwork. Files are usually stored inside a file cabinet. The process of storing files is called filing, for example "please file this under T". On a computer, a file is a block of data that is accessed by its file name.
Photo of a bucket being filled

Fis forFill

Filling is the process you take to make something full. The bucket in the picture is being filled with water from a faucet.
Photo of a little girl looking for shells

Fis forFind

You find something if you simply stumble upon it by chance, or you are actively looking for it until you find it. The little girl in the picture is looking for shells.

Fis forFinish

You finish something when you reach the end of it. The woman in the picture is finishing a race. The opposite of finish is start. Similar words to finish are complete and end.
Photo of someone fixing a computer

Fis forFix

You fix, mend or repair something if it is broken and doesn't work. Fixing it will make it work again, or make it look as good as new. Not everything that is broken can be fixed.