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Animals starting with F

Animals that start with F

Just here looking for animals? Reptiles, birds, farmyard to jungle and more.
Photo of a fairy

Fis forFairy

A fairy is a tiny imaginary creature that is usually depicted as a small, pretty girl with wings. Fairies often have magical powers and can sometimes grant wishes.
Photo of a wallaby

Fis forFauna

Fauna means animals, versus plants which are called flora. It is usually used when talking about animals in a particular area, for example "the native fauna of Australia".
Photo of a doe and fawn.

Fis forFawn

A fawn is a baby deer.
Photo of pet ferrets.

Fis forFerret

Scientific name: mustela putorius furo
Ferrets are domestic animals, usually kept as pets. They are related to the polecat and weasel. Ferrets eat small pest animals like rats and rabbits.
Photo of a filly

Fis forFilly

A filly is a young female horse.
Photo of a finch

Fis forFinch

Finches are small, seed-eating songbirds. They come in a huge variety of colours and patterns, and can be found all over the world. Many finches are very pretty and make good pets.
Photo of some fish.

Fis forFish

Fish live underwater, in either salt or fresh water. They can only breathe underwater, but they use gills to breathe, not lungs like we do. Fish are covered in scales. Some people keep very small fish in their houses as pets. The biggest kind of fish is a whale shark, which is just a really big kind of shark. Whales grow a lot bigger than sharks but they are not fish, as they don't have gills and have to come to the surface of the water to breathe, just like we do.

Fis forFlamingo

A flamingo is a pink wading bird. They eat shrimp that is in the water by filtering it through their beak. Their pink colouring comes from the food they eat.
Photo of a flea

Fis forFlea

A flea is a small insect that lives in the hair or fur of an animal. Fleas bite the animal and drink their blood, and can make the animal very itchy because of all the bites. If you have a pet cat or dog you should get it a flea collar or some other flea treatment so they don't get fleas.
Photo of fledgeling birds
A fledgeling (also spelt fledgling) bird is one that has just grown its adult feathers and is ready to learn to fly. Someone who is just starting out doing something can also be called a fledgeling, or a novice.