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Words starting with T

Words that start with T

Ten terrified turtles went traipsing through the turnips in Tennessee.

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Scientific name: family: theraphosidae
A tarantula is the name for a group of several species of spider. Tarantulas are very large, and very hairy - they are big hairy spiders! Some people keep them as pets.
Photo of an archery target

Tis forTarget

A target is something you aim at when you throw or fire something. In archery and shooting, a target is drawn as several circles inside each other. The goal is to hit the center of the target.
Photo of a tarnished gravy boat

Tis forTarnish

Something made from metal is tarnished if it has a layer of a dull, colored substance on it instead of being bright, shiny and reflective. Tarnish is a different color on different kinds of metal. silver tarnish is black and copper tarnish is green. Some metals do not tarnish, instead they rust, which can eat away all of the metal over time instead of just leaving a thin coating on the surface.

Tis forTarot

Tarot is a form of fortune-telling using a deck of 22 cards with different symbols on them. Tarot readings involve placing tarot cards in a particular pattern in order to divine an answer to a specific question or learn about the future of the person using the cards.
Photo of a tarpaulin
A tarpaulin is a large piece of canvas that has been waterproofed. Older style tarpaulins were made from fabric waterproofed with wax or something similar, modern tarpaulins are made from woven plastic. Tarpaulins are used to protect things from the weather.
Photo of tarragon

Tis forTarragon

Scientific name: artemisia dracunculus
Tarragon, or dragon's wort, is a soft, green plant used mainly in French cooking. Tarragon has an interesting flavour that is a little like anise.
Photo of a blueberry tart

Tis forTart

A tart or flan is a dish made with a pastry casing with no lid and a filling inside. The filling is usually sweet and may contain fruit but can also be meat-based. A tart with a lid is called a pie.
Photo of tartan cloth.

Tis forTartan

Tartan is a fabric pattern made by weaving different colours together in stripes in both directions. The stripes can be different widths, and there can be lots of different colours, unlike gingham which is made from two colours with equal width stripes. In Scotland, different families had their own unique tartan pattern.

Tis forTask

A task is a particular piece of work, usually given to one person to do. The man in the picture has been given the task of raking leaves.
Photo of a Tasmanian devil
Scientific name: Sarcophilus harrisii
The Tasmanian devil is a marsupial that lives in Tasmania. Marsupials are animals that keep their babies in a pouch. Tasmanian devils eat other animals, and are very ferocious hunters. They are about the size of a small dog, but have a heavier build.