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Photo of a rooster.

List of masculine words

Men, stallions, roosters and rams - they're all here.

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Photo of a drake.

Dis forDrake

A drake is a male duck.
Photo of a father and son

Fis forFather

Your father is your male parent. Your father is usually the man who is married to (or lives with) your mother, but sometimes people's fathers do not live with their mothers.

Gis forGander

A gander is a male goose.
Your grandfather is the father of your mother or father. Some other names for Grandfather are Grandpa, Gramps, Opa or Pop.
Photo of a groom
A groom is a man who is about to get married. His future wife is called the bride.
Photo of a superhero

His forHero

A hero is someone who is very brave and does good deeds that other people can't. Superheros are a special kind of hero that have powers that help them do things like fight crime. Superheros tend to wear costumes. A female hero is called a heroine.

His forHusband

A husband is the male of a married couple. The female is his wife.
Photo of a statue of a king.

Kis forKing

A king is the male ruler of a country or empire. Kings and queens are born or married into their positions, not voted in by the people. You cannot choose to become a king.
Photo of a lad

Lis forLad

A lad is another word for a boy or a young man.