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Words starting with E

Words that start with E

Eight echidnas eat eggs in an elevator.

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Eis forEclipse

In astronomy, an eclipse is where various planetary bodies align and block the light from the sun. In a lunar eclipse, the Earth comes between the sun and the moon. In a solar eclipse, the moon comes between the Earth and the sun. The picture is of a solar eclipse. In general language, you eclipse someone if you do something so much better or more obviously than they do that everyone notices you and not them, for example "her beauty eclipsed all others at the dance".
Photo of the edge of a building

Eis forEdge

An edge is a line or border where one thing stops and another thing starts. Edges are very important for finding your way around in the world, and most animals have eyesight designed to detect the edges of things. The picture clearly shows the edge of a building against the sky. A similar word to edge is boundary.
Photo of edible fruits

Eis forEdible

Something is edible if you can eat it and it isn't dangerous. Many things that we don't normally have at mealtimes are edible, such as flowers and leaves of some garden and wild plants.

Eis forEel

Scientific name: order: anguilliformes
An eel is a long, thin fish. Instead of having separate small fins on their back end like other fish, they have one big long fin that goes all the way around their long tail. Eels eat other fish.

Eis forEgg

Birds, fish, most insects and most reptiles lay eggs, as do monotremes and amphibians. Birds lay eggs with a hard shell, and only one at a time, although they may lay several eggs to fill a nest. Reptiles like turtles and crocodiles lay eggs with leathery shells, and can lay hundreds of eggs at once. Fish and frogs lay eggs in the water, and most have no shells or a coating of jelly to make it hard for other things to eat them. Insects also lay eggs, and most are so small you can hardly see them. Only a very very small number of animals lay eggs. The platypus is one of them.
Photo of eggplant or aubergine

Eis forEggplant

Scientific name: solanum melongena
The eggplant, aubergine or brinjal is a dark, almost black fruit related to the tomato and potato. Eggplants are originally from India, and grow best in tropical and subtropical climates. Eggplants are a little bitter when they are raw. They have thin skin and do not need to be peeled. Eggplants are often just sliced and fried or grilled, and they have a much nicer flavour when they are cooked. Eggplants can absorb a lot of oil and fat and are good to use in very rich dishes.
Photo of an egret.

Eis forEgret

An egret is a white heron. There are several different kinds of egret, all of them are white or pale.
Photo of an Egyptian man

Eis forEgyptian

Egyptian means anything relating to Egypt, or a person from Egypt.
Photo of a spider with eight legs.

Eis forEight

There are eight legs on the spider in the picture. The number before eight is seven. The number that comes after eight is nine.

Eis forEighth

Something is eighth when it is the number eight thing in a list. Eighth comes after seventh and before ninth.